1. Download the latest from
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Double click on Tftpd32.exe in decompressed folder to start Tftpd32. The following figure is the main window after starting Tftpd32.1
  4. Click setting to open the following window, click to TFTP tab.2
  5. (a). Click Browse to select the directory that firmware image file existed. Then come back to GLOBAL tab.3

(b). Uncheck TFTP Client and Syslog Server.4a

(c). click OK to apply the new configuration.

  1. One message box recommends user to restart Tftpd32. Please restart Tftpd32.4
  2. After restart Tftpd32, click DHCP server to set up DHCP server5
  3. Change DHCP server configuration same as showing below figure then click OK.9. Now connect your IP phone to PC with Straight cable.6
  4. To precede firmware update is showing like this.7
  5. After 5 to 10 minutes, IP Phone display will came.
  6. Unlock the IP Phone to pressing **#. And disable the DHCP on configuration menu.
  7. Now you configure the IP phone with your previous IP address, subnet mask, and gateway and TFTP servers on IP phone.
Note: If Cisco IP Phone need any update file it will automatically download
from the Call Manager.